• I hold a bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education and a Teaching Diploma. Being in the world of education is a gift from God. I believe that teaching is a combination of art and science, and Ghadi School gave me the opportunity to create my own ART.

    Doaa Ali El Haj


    I’ve got my bachelor degree, and master’s degree in Arabic education. I have 12 years of experience in teaching. I love my job! I see it as a nice adventure! It’s the only place where I can find myself.

    Nadine Halawi


    After I graduated from university with a bachelor degree in special education I started to work with a lot of passion in this domain that I loved from the first day of studying. I work with students with a lot of love and tenderness. At work, I feel that I am doing my hobby that’s […]

    It all started 14 years ago, I started teaching and never expected how rich, joyful and innovative this experience would be. I’ve discovered how being a teacher will make me a non-stop learner especially from my students, and how exciting and warm is to be surrounded with pure little hearts and minds. It taught me […]

    Nada Saadieh


    I came from a computer science background, and I’m pursuing my teaching dimploma. I was dragged into teaching due to my love for children and my excitement to see their progress and the knowledge they gain through my tutoring. Joining Ghadi School is one of the best choices I made since the loving and caring […]

    Maissam Yehya


    I have studied clinical Psychology. I have a teaching diploma. Ghadi school is a place where everybody feels at home. I love to interact with children. Also, being at Ghadi will help me develop my skills in this domain.

    Aida Hamed

    Special Educator

    The passion to teach, the innocence of children, the love and joy they give to you; all together gives me a big reason to love teaching children due to my 12 years of experience in child education. You see them grow, learn and play around you especially in such a loving and caring atmosphere that […]

    Abir Ashkar