Since day one, we were dedicated to open a school like no other. We didn’t want to open a typical Lebanese private school where every student is treated as a client who brings the school money. We wanted a school that cares deeply about its kids; a school that treats every student as a family member. Thus, we came with an idea to open a school that is just like another home for the students. And so we did.

On Wednesday, September 26th, Ghadi School opened its doors to welcome kindergarten and cycle 1 kids. The kids were emotional as some of them left their family for the first time.  Some kids cried, others were laughing, and playing. We were so happy that we had an amazing day with the students! On Thursday, September 27th, the kids of Cycle 2 have joined their friends of Kindergarten and Cycle 1 at the school. We had a very fun day!!

So far, we are hearing great feedback from the parents and the kids as well. Abdul-Ghani, one of the students of Grade 5 said, “this is the most amazing school I’ve ever had because I feel like it’s my home.”

We are really proud of what we have accomplished so far, and we can’t wait to update you with our weekly news!

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