Since the very first day, Ghadi School became my second home. The passion and love is always in the air, in the eyes of the teachers and students and in the way they are.

The random events of kindness are saved like screenshots in my memory which always draw a smile on my face even if I’m not at the school.

I always remember Karim and how he shared his sandwich with Mazen, his classmate, hanging out during recess and walking together holding their twin sandwiches happily with their gorgeous smile that reflect deep and pure friendship.

I will never forget when I had cold, and how Noah rushed to put his jacket on my shoulders. I will never forget the sweet gesture that I found in my bag from my colleague Mrs Doaa. It actually made my day! And I will never forget the principal’s note which always stays in my box to motivate me.

… And many memories that inspire and support my days and give me the strength to overcome all the obstacles that I face.

It’s a blessing to be working at a place like home and to be surrounded by a family that means the world to me.

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